Antonina, you have been a great inspiration to our family for many years and we are now in control of what we eat and how we feel. We know what is good for us and what to look for in the sea of misleading information. In addition, our daughter Katherine’s birth couldn’t have been more beautiful! Thank you for your guidance and advice. We are very happy that we have learned about different options and chose Candice as doula for our home water birth. We never knew it was a possibility and you have opened our eyes to an amazing experience that suited us perfectly! We are forever grateful!

Julia and Cris MarincatVancouver, BC, Canada

Antonina solved my long time battle with chronic migraines and endless medications that left me feel helpless. With a few inspired changes I feel lighter, sharper and more energetic than ever before. Many thanks!

Jennifer MahCoquitlam, BC, Canada

Antonina was a long time friend since her corporate career. When we asked for her advice with our child’s digestion and behaviour issues we couldn’t imagine there was a direct connection and that we will achieve the kind of results we witness in our daughter today. Learning about the effects of gluten, genetically modified foods [GMOs], dairy, etc. in our family’s diet made an unbelievable difference in our household. We made changes, continue learning and share our experiences with others. We feel empowered and we are forever grateful!

Mark B. RobertsonRichmond, BC, Canada

When I met Antonina, the first thing that came to my mind was “Wow, this girl is very knowledgeable and passionate about health.” I could listen to her for hours. Whether at a one-on-one session or a group presentation, she always offers personal attention and delivers information that you need at the time. I think she has a “sixth sense,” passion and deep care for those who entrust their health in her.

Dmitriy TihonovNew Westminster, BC, Canada

Antonina built her credibility with our family many years ago. We attended her inspirational seminar and after a discussion she handed us a great book called “Enzyme Factor” by Dr. Hiromi Shinya that transformed our views on the role of nutrition in our life. Since that time we have changed many of our habits that resulted in much improved digestion, higher energy, better sleep (especially for my husband), our son’s severe acne problem and more. She continues to be our trusted coach and a first point of contact for any health concern.

Irina and Robert A.Burnaby, BC, Canada