Nutritional Consulting Services

Antonina’s “The Art of Wellbeing” Nutritional Consulting Services is an all-encompassing and bespoke service designed to help you reach your most ambitious health goals. Every person is unique and thus requires a diet and lifestyle program tailored to their specific needs. Yet, it’s not about quick fixes or fad diets – it is about long-term, sustainable change… Whether you have acne, allergies, digestive concerns (IBS, Crohns, and colitis), adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety or lack of energy, need support with weight loss and belly fat, fertility, pregnancy and lactation,  have diabetes etc….or just want some help with a healthy and sustainable transitioning into a vegetarian (vegan diets), I can build a personal roadmap for you.

You may need expert guidance, accountability and inspiration on an on-going basis. My service packages will help you session by session to reach your health goals. 

What Will You Get Out of  “The Art of Wellbeing” Health Program?

When I present someone with a program, I ensure the client understands how they reached the level of health they are currently experiencing and how they are going to get back to optimal health.

The focus of my practice is on education by using easy-to-understand language, pictures, diagrams, clinical studies, educational videos and more.

By the time we have completed the second session, you will have a clear understanding of your main concerns and how you will reach your health goals.

How “The Art of Wellbeing” Health Program Works

Step 1: Initial Assessment

This service involves an extensive information intake which lasts about 2 hours. This constitutes a complete health history intake, medical and family health history, extensive symptom analysis (going through and analyzing roughly 200 possible bodily symptoms), environment, diet and lifestyle assessment interview.

Step 2: Program Development & Introduction

Once I have your full history/story, I put together a completely customized program which includes:

  • Personalized information package which addresses your key concerns
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Detox recommendations
  • Therapeutic supplementation (when applicable)
  • Supportive handouts and other materials

We will then meet up again for about 2 hours where I will present this information to you and you will have a clear roadmap to start on your journey.

Step 3: Implementation and Follow-Ups

Included in the program is 1 hour worth of follow-up time. This time allows us to monitor progress and make changes if required. This time can be used whatever way we see fit. 30 min follow-ups are available after the main 3 session program is completed.

“The Art of Wellbeing” Health Program Time Commitment

  • Session 1 – Assessment (2 hours)
  • Session 2 – Program Development & Introduction (2 hours)
  • Session 3 – 2 Implementation and Follow-Up Sessions (1 hour each)


Additional Services that Work Well with “The Art of Wellbeing” Health Program

 The Art of a Healthy Pantry

Antonina will come to your house to “raid” your kitchen cabinets and fridge to show you what is lurking in your kitchen that could be sabotaging your goals. She will create a healthy grocery shopping list with you and teach you how to stock your kitchen for your wellbeing!  

The Art of Healthy Shopping Tour

Antonina will take you grocery shopping, teaching you how to shop healthfully and cost effectively. Learn how to decipher the mixed messages of food packaging, learn how to read labels and shop based on a meal plan. Antonina will provide you with helpful handouts for future shopping tips. 


Six Month “The Art of Wellbeing” Value Package 

This is the most effective and cost efficient way to transform your life and the life of your family. This package provides a one of a kind, personalized service where you are fully supported and coached through all lifestyle and dietary changes and improvements. This program offers priceless benefits through which you are personally encouraged to stay accountable, on track, motivated and fully assisted throughout the process. Your new, fun-filled healthy habits and knowledge is guaranteed to change your life forever.

  • Individual Health Assessment Meeting (3 hours)
  • Two Detailed Protocol and Recommendation Sessions (3 hours)
  • The Art of Healthy Pantry Meeting
  • The Art of Shopping Tour
  • The Art of Healthy Cooking Session (2 hours)
  • 15 Implementations and Follow Up Sessions (bi-weekly telephone coaching sessions, 1 hour each)
  • Email Enquiries (Bonus)
  • Hydration Seminar (Bonus)
  • Telephone Enquiries during business hours (Bonus)

Partners attendance is encouraged and complimentary.

Call to discuss the cost.

Please contact Antonina by phone 604 800 7081 in Canada / 0747 690 7770 in UK or email if you have any questions to these services.

Services are offered in-person, over the phone or via Skype.


My Favourite Quote by R.J. Williams in Biochemical Individuality (1956)

“When you decide to take charge of your health, you stop functioning on automatic pilot. You no longer blindly trust your doctor because you suspect he or she can’t know everything, either; you doubt the government’s assurances on health matters because it is the nature of power to be in conflict of interest; you question the advertisements on drugs because you realize that their aim is to sell drugs and not cure you and thus lose a customer. You listen to your body because it knows best; you are not a statistic or a population average, but a unique person with an individual genetic endowment and a very personal health history requiring personalized attention”

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