Becoming Your Own Doctor! – Full Day Intensive Course, Vancouver

Presented by Antonina Bureacenco CNP, OHP

Saturday, April 21st from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

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Join us for a full day intensive course with Antonina, who will teach you how to critically assess and navigate through today’s overwhelming amount of puzzling health information. You will walk away with deep understanding, confidence, tools and easy to apply protocols that will ensure healthy lifestyle choices & aid in lifelong disease prevention. Eight comprehensive classes built into one.

When: Saturday, April 21st, 2018 – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Where: Shaw Tower Boardroom – 1077 West Cordova Street, Vancouver (Coal Harbour)

What You Will Learn:

- How to Stock a Healthy Pantry, Shop Clean and Healthy on a Budget
How to Cook Using Many Holistic Principles (understanding popular diets and your body’s individual needs)
Most Effective Daily Routine to Lose Weight and Keep it Off (effective holistic protocols, tips and habits that will get you fit and healthy)
How to Detox Vital Organs and Systems (you will walk away with many safe and effective tools and protocols that can be effectively used at home)
How to Select High Quality Non Synthetic Supplements (build your own natural medicine cabinet with essential nutrients and herbs and have them available at your fingertips)
How to Recognize Many Symptoms and Address Deficiencies Using Food and Nutrition, not Synthetic Medications (you will gain prospective about everyday natural solutions)
How to Pick Non Toxic Household Items and Body Care Products (detox home environment for yourself and your entire family, become a smart shopper, understand product ingredient lists and avoid toxic chemicals)
- How to Optimize Energy, Improve Digestion, Your Sleep and much much more!

Group coaching is a much more affordable way to reach health results. My groups contain no more than 12 – 15 clients per class. In order to create a safe environment of comfort, effectiveness, respect as well as fun. All attendees are vetted to make sure they’re a fit to ensure the best experience for you! You’ll likely also walk away with new friends.

Space is limited!  To reserve your seat please send email transfer to or use PayPal links below:

Individual Rate – $429


Early Bird – Individual Rate, before May 9th – $379 (Save $50)


Early Bird – Couple Rate, before May 9th – $699 (Save $159)




Policy: No refunds after May 11th. Credit will be issued towards future courses.


You will also enjoy: A healthy and nourishing lunch and high impact smoothie (once you sign up you will get to choose from a menu in advance). In addition, a binder with a well organized printout of powerpoint information used in our comprehensive course plus additional tools, tips, protocols and links to resources for future reference. Finally, a surprise gift bag with goodies to all attendees!

Becoming your own doctor does not take years…only a day full of ideas, awareness and tools!  Look forward to our day together!